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Hi everyone~

It’s Lizzy again

Today I’ll be sharing about the Black Lives Matter movement again

I’m sure there are people thinking “Not again”

and that I talked about it enough already

But I don’t think that everyone understood 100% of how Black people are being treated and how we live only from the previous videos, and also I have more to say about this matter

But of course, if I keep on going on and on about how Black people have felt sadness and pain from how they’ve been treated, I’m sure it’ll get tiring to listen to for some people

I’m also here to listen to everyone else’s stories and talk, so if there’s something you think is wrong, it’s okay to be straightforward because I want to learn as well

So please tell me

I think Japan doesn’t have as much, or any opportunities to talk about discrimination towards Black people and racism, like any

I’ve been living for 21 years, and I finally heard a Japanese person talk about Black people

I think it took way too long to get to this point, and if no one else is going to do it, I want to create the opportunity for everyone to learn about Black people, I want to and will create, and that's why I am listening to everyone’s stories, think about what I can do and reaching out to others

so don’t think the Black Lives Matter movement is only a temporary thing that suddenly happened but please make it a chance to learn about the part of history that was missed out on and to lend your ear to other people’s voices

Don’t make it irrelevant to yourself, but take a look at a perspective you’ve never thought about before and learn about it, are my thoughts, so I will be talking about this again today

To start with, the video I uploaded yesterday

“Well of course Black people will only talk about themselves, but Asians also get discriminated too” or

“Black people aren't the only ones discriminated against”

are the comments I got, from yesterday’s video

We understand that the best, and that’s why we’re saying this to everyone else

As Asians, I’m sure you’ve also been discriminated against somewhere in life, not only by the skin color, but also by the difference in race

We all understand that feeling, but for us it’s a life threatening matter

It’s involved with our lives

Have you been to America, or in a foreign country to travel or for work, and be in a situation where it can’t be helped if you get killed only because you’re Asian

I don’t think so

But for us Black people, we might be killed by a White person because we’re Black

but people would say it can’t be helped in this current situation

Even with all of that, when people tell me, “I’ve been called “yellow” because I’m Asian”

I don’t know what to say

I’m not trying to compare and I understand that discrimination exists in any race or country but within that, even within that and how life threatening it is for Black people,

I think there is a little, little liiiittle bit of a difference in the level of importance

It makes me wonder, being in this current situation where it can’t be helped when a Black person is killed, does no one care about it

I’m not trying to blame people in Japan for how much they know, because I’ve also lived in Japan, I know how long it takes for information from other countries to come in, I understand, therefore I’m not saying that they don’t know anything

Because communicating is hard, and it’s even more difficult to collect accurate information, I know that feeling when everyone tells me,

“I don’t have the resources so I don’t know what to do”

At the same time, “But I didn’t know about that” or, “I’m underaged so” or, “It’s like a trend right now so I don’t want others to think I’m acting cocky when I talk about it” are probably some of the reasons why many people are hesitant to get their voice out

But for us Black people, when you courageously say,

“I love Black people too”

“I am involved in the Black community and I want to support”

and when those words are said from you

those are the moments we appreciate and thank you

All Black people would think that way

Because there aren’t Black people who can speak Japanese here at where I am,

I speak for and carry the passion of all the Black people who want others to fight with us

If there are supporters out there, please know as a Black person,

we love you very very much and we feel the most love from people like you

On the other hand, for those who say

“It can’t be helped” or

“That’s just how Japan is” even with this situation

Please know that you are one of the people who make this environment more painful for us

If I ask everyone, “Would you want to be a Black person” right now

100%, in all honesty can you say “Yes”?

I think most people would think “No I’d rather not”

“I don’t want to become Black and risk my life”

But that is currently a day in the life we survive in

Also, I received a lot of comments saying

“I empathized with it very much”

“But I don’t have that many followers so I can’t share it”

For us Black people, we are not asking you to inspire people, but to show and represent the support towards us

That courage is what we appreciate the most

If possible we want you to learn about racism, watch my videos and write about what you thought and what America should be doing, if you have any opinions please write as much as you can, write and spread your voice

In America, middle and high school students are using social media to connect with others

I want more and more Japanese people to think and talk about racism

Not only me, but for everyone in America, not only America, just everyone in the world, not only Black people, everyone who’s been discriminated, please, you’ve been discriminated against too

Stand up and speak up

Everyone is going to be a part of it, “I’m not Black” or “I’m not White” or “Because I’m Japanese” is no excuse

As of now, many Black people are feeling lots and lots of pain right now, and we want everyone to use their voices more

This is a little different but,

we need more celebrities in Japan to talk about this, or else people in Japan won’t lend an ear for it

Of course, social media isn’t everything and I’m not saying that people who have a lot of followers should all be talking about it, but what you do becomes an example of what should be done

That will benefit for the world, so can’t you give a hand?

If you have that platform already, can’t you use it for the world? are my honest thoughts.

We are protesting and doing our best every day in America

So, please fight with us

For those who’ve been fighting with us, as a Black person, I would like to thank you so much.

Thank you so much for not judging us by our skin color, but treating us as humans.

Lots of appreciation to Lizzy for letting me transcribe/translate her video she posted on Instagram on June 3rd, If you still think Black discrimination is irrelevant to you.

Follow her on Instagram from here and check out the original video from here.

The English subtitled video is here, so please check it out!





このウェブサイトを見始めて、自分の体験談を思い出してみました。しかし、考えているうちに浮かんできた疑問が差別って何?です。 差別は良くないと、多くの人は言うし、それにはなんとなく賛成するつもりだけど、よくよく考えてみたらそもそも差別の定義みたいなことってあまり考えたことがないし、このブログのコンセプトも、差別について答えを出すというより、考えて関心を持つことだと言う開設者のコンセプトも踏まえて、少



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はい、皆さんこんにちは〜 またリジーです はい、今日もまたね、このBlack Lives Matterについてみんなにシェアしたいと思います 「またかよ」と思う人もいると思うのね もうこの前めちゃ長く話してくれたからいいよって思ってるかもしれないけど 私は それであなたたちが黒人の人たちがどう扱われてるか 生活しているかを100パーセント理解したとは思ってもないし 私も伝えてきれてないのね んで